Review of "My Life in a Nutshell" by Tanya Peterson

To review a book like this is very special. It has affected me deeply because when I began the first chapter, I thought the book was about my son, not Brian, the narrative character. Tanya has managed to put into words the inner workings of the mind of so many people who experience a variety of anxiety based issues and this book cuts so close to home for myself and my son.

This heart warming story of a man who is so talented but struggles with everyday societal mores, takes the reader on an unusual journey. Brian discovers unwittingly and unwillingly that he has become a major influence on a little girl named Abigail whom he can relate to so well. The events that follow from his meeting with young Abigail change his life and her's, dramatically. His previous avoidance of people leads to including them in his life and being included in their's which proves to be a somewhat traumatic journey! Brian discovers a gift he doesn't realise he has and the book demonstrates how everyone is made up of so many layers and teaches a lesson in taking the time to get to know the person under the persona.

"My Life in a Nutshell" is quite difficult to describe as it is more of an experience than just a story. My suggestion is that everyone read this book and grasp an awareness of people who may seem different but have so much to offer. Just read it!! It is a heartstring grabber and I thoroughly recommend it!


  1. Fab review! Like you I thought Brian was so like my child! I loved this book too. Thanks for taking part in the promo. x

    1. A big thank you to both of you! Many people say that Brian is like someone they love or know. Anxiety is too common! We need compassionate understanding.

  2. Andrea, due to recent stress, this is the first chance I've had to read your moving review. I hate that it took so long, but it a way it's nice (for me, anyway) because it just provided me with such a delightful treat. You captured the very reasons I wrote this book, and I'm happy that you reacted to Brian the way you did. :) I'm sorry to read that your son experiences anxiety. If you read the dedication in my book, you'll see that it's dedicated to the tens of millions of people who live with anxiety. It's a common struggle that I hope people become more aware of. Thank you so very much for reading and reviewing My Life in a Nutshell. I deeply appreciate it.


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