Review of "7 Years of Bad Sex" by Nicky Wells


Nicky Wells - Author

This time Nicky Wells has taken it to her readers in a big way!! Already known for her Rock Star themed tales, this time we are really let into the sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle - in a very unique way! Well, the band is doing well, the drugs are a bit accidental and the sex ...., erm,  maybe not quite up to muster!

Casey and Alex are great friends, co-band members and lovers.  They tie the knot in a spectacular fashion off the French coast and all should be rosy but something happens and the earth moves - no, not in that way - and they find themselves faced with issues that no married couple want to admit to. Their methods at finding a solution to their problems, along with some help from their band-member friends and, some colourful new acquaintances, make hilarious reading.

Touching on a frequently taboo topic this book actually does give us readers something to think about! I really do not want to give too much away as this is a story that you need to jump right into, but I will say that I laughed, I cringed, I felt sympathetic and I may even have blushed a bit while reading this book - really funny when I read most of it on my bus commute! Not sure if any other passengers noticed me turn a bit crimson and my eyebrows shoot up to my hairline, while trying to stifle my giggles!!

I recommend this book to all those who enjoy Nicky Wells' writing, as once again, you will not be disappointed!  I would obviously suggest that those who have never read any of Nicky's books start reading them now and this is a great one to begin with!


  1. Ooooh thank you so much for your review, Andrea--my turn to blush! Thanks for taking part in the promo party, too, you rock! Here's wishing all your readers happy reading and... if I may... Just a little hint: ***7 Years Bad Sex is only 99p/99c on Kindle*** until 24 June, go why not give it a try? LOL! :-D XX


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