What did you Want to be when you Grew Up?

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Looking at what I now want to do career wise it made me remember what I said I wanted to be when I was a kid. From my first flight on a plane at the age of three I want to be an Air Hostess, as it was back then. It then changed to Stewardess and then Flight Attendant. I used to line my teddies and dolls up in overturned stools and practise wiggling up and down the "aisle" with a tea tray in my hands and my red rose patterned plastic coffee and tea sets, forcing pretend beverages on the unsuspecting cuddlies! I continued with that idea all the way through school having decided being a vet wasn't an option since putting animals down was beyond my emotional realm. I tried hard at French in school knowing that I would need a second language, and worked on other subjects knowing I would need a few "O" levels. I left school having decided that "A" levels weren't for me and returned to Malawi where after being home a week decided I needed some sort of job in the meantime as I could not apply to be a stewardess until my 18th birthday. I did not want to be shipped into further education so work seemed the best option. I applied for a job as a reservations consultant for a new local travel and tour company and miraculously got the job. Knowing the GM helped a little I think. Bless him, I still adore the man. I loved the work in local hotel reservations and the got sent to "school" to learn how to calculate airfares, do airline ticketing etc to become part of the new Travel Agency part. The schooling was not easy back then - everything had to be calculated, air miles counted and there were various ways of calculating fares. The trick was to find the cheapest. If you didn't, you failed. No such things as computer generated fares back then. It really was a skill. At 18 I was offered an interview with British Airways but to cut a long story short, disagreements at home meant I decided to go and spread my wings and left my job and the country and headed for the Big City, Johannesburg in search of freedom and independence! Silly child! I chucked the chance at two great job offers, travelling the world with BA or working in London for a large tour company! Duh! I loved my first job and it was a fantastic experience. My goal now is to be as excited about work as I was back then.
Please tell me what you wanted to be, and tell me if it ever came true. Cheers!


  1. Oh what a lovely post, you will get that excitement again.
    I always wanted to work with children, I always used to volunteer at school to work in the nursery. Then when I met my hubby became a childminder, so yes I did get my dream.

  2. Interesting!! Thats cool, no wonder you are so good with yours! :) xx

  3. I wanted to be either a jockey, astronaut or writer! Bit of a mix! I'm now a socialworker! Not even close! lol.

  4. I wanted to be an astronaut. Really only because it started with an A so it was the first in my "When I grow up ABC book"

    ..... Ballerina was my second choice, closely followed by Cobbler.

  5. LOL Some great comments! :)


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