A Review of "Death Sentence" by Sheryl Browne

Death Sentence 
Sheryl Browne

I have been a fan of Sheryl Browne for quite a while and have really enjoyed her romance novels.  This book was a gritty step in another direction and had me terrified and mesmerized at the same time. Well researched, it tells the story of love, retribution and revenge. Matthew  Adams, a Detective Inspector believes his child died at the hands of his previous childhood bully turned pimp and prostitute killer. Patrick Sullivan, aforementioned pimp and killer blames Matthew for the death of his brother in a drug raid gone wrong.  Both men have scores to settle and Sullivan uses Matthew's wife to exact his revenge.  

As is the norm for Sheryl Browne, her main characters are embroiled in much complication and votility and other personalities emerge to further develop the story line and add to the emotional content. Poor Matthew has to fight to right the wrongs committed by Sullivan while trying to protect his pregnant wife and his niece, (a fascinating personality),  who has now entered their lives and is need of a lot love and support to cope with the trauma of an alcoholic mother and the voices she hears in her head. One becomes exhausted for Matthew as he battles on against overwhelming odds in his fight for justice. There becomes a fine line in his world between what is right and what the twisted murderer probably deserves.  

This book keeps the reader on the edge of their seats, not really knowing which way the tale is going to turn. Gripping!!! 

The Author - Sheryl Browne


  1. Yay! Thank you so much, Andrea! What a fabulous review to wake up to! Am thrilled to bits! Not sure Matthew will be quite so thrilled - he now has to struggle through the sequel! Oooh, er... Have a lovely day, sweetie! :) xx


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