Review of "The Secret of Hilcrest House" by Melanie Robertson-King

Review of "The Secret of Hillcrest House" by 
Melanie Robertson-King

Jessica didn't really know why she had decided to buy Hillcrest House in Eastern Canada, sight unseen, except for the fact it looked just like a house she had sketched many times over. However, on actually seeing inside her new purchase, the work that needed to be done was somewhat of a shock. The physical and financial shock would actually become less shocking in comparison with the number of ex-residents who still appeared to be still living in the house, years after their own deaths. There were secrets to be uncovered that would bring back some of her own most painful memories that preceded the ending of her last relationship. Even the garden wildlife was specific crow with a white feather really managed to get Jessica's attention.

Jessica's attention was also taken by a good looking, in fact very hot, police officer with his own complicated history. Their attraction was magnetic and together they worked to unravel the secrets that Hillcrest House was hiding. I have to say that Jessica was far braver than I would have been in the same circumstances. With the spine chilling events she faced, I believe I would have had Hillcrest House up for resale in a nanosecond! Jessica though, was able to persist in uncovering - quite literally- clues and evidence to build the real story of what had happened to the home's past inhabitants. Even better, she discovers a link to herself and her new friend she made while staying at the guest house until her own house was habitable. 

I really enjoyed this story with it's seemingly insignificant  details that pan out to make sense in the final twist at the end of the book! 

For those who enjoy a little paranormal mystery with a sprinkling of hot and sexy, this is a must read. It was slightly outside my recent reading experiences and very refreshing with detailed description that easily plants a picture in one's mind. 

Have definitely appreciated the opportunity to read and review and will now go off to have a read of Melanie Robertson-King's other writings!


  1. Thanks for hosting me here today on your wonderful blog, Andrea. So happy to read that you enjoyed my book.


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