Review of "Return of the Christmas Spirit" by Susan Buchanan

This is such a heartwarming book, guaranteed to get nearly everyone into the Christmas Spirit! (There are always the odd few that won't go there in spite of miracles!)

Star, who works at the library is able to help put some good luck back into peoples' lives very effortlessly, almost like waving a fairy wand! She becomes involved with the stories of some of the people who frequent the library that vary with age and type of problem they are experiencing.  In this book we get a glimpse at some very real and everyday issues that people of all ages are currently going through and struggling with. We can relate to them, either by personal knowledge or knowing someone with those problems. 

Evan is unemployed and struggling to meet the Christmas expectations of his children.  Arianna is studious and struggling with her parent's divorce as she doesn't see much of her mother who is always working and her father who has moved away. She could use some company.  Daniel is struggling with trying to cope with work, housework and child care since his wife became afflicted with a mysterious illness.  Patricia is devastated when her husband leaves her for another woman.  None of these people are really looking forward to Christmas. 

The personalities are very real and likeable and their lives begin to intertwine thanks to the invisible thread woven by Star. What makes this book so enjoyable is how all the characters end up with a Christmas to remember is different ways.  

This book is perfect for the long, dark December evenings.  It goes well with a glass of one's favourite beverage and chocolate! A must read for those who still believe in the magic of Christmas! 

Happy Christmas everyone!!

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  1. So glad you enjoyed Return of the Christmas Spirit. Thanks so much for your lovely review. Merry Christmas when it comes, Susan


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