Review of "The Reinvention of Mimi Finnegan" by Whitney Dineen


Mimi Finnegan always felt "less than" when comparing herself to her three glamourous sisters. She wasn't sure that being the one with the "prettiest feet" was the greatest accolade. She did hang onto it though until the pretty feet began to give her problems. Her appointment with the podiatrist starts a chain of events that see Mimi join weightwatchers, (which she practices with her own spin on it), develop a taste for high fashion and a desire to meet the "right man". 

Her sisters attempt to match make which backfires slightly on the first attempt as Mimi ends up unceremoniously falling into a swimming pool. The intended match did not seem to be an instant attraction but somehow Mimi realises that she has fallen for him which is not very timely as she discovers the famous English novelist actually has a "friend" that he wants to propose to while in the U.S of A. How can Mimi prove to him that she is actually the right woman for him?

Mimi also discovers, while reinventing herself, that her own perception of herself is quite different than how her sisters see her and realises that she is not quite the runt of the litter that she thinks she is.

This book has laugh out loud quality, slapstick humour, and, honesty. Most women can relate to Mimi and her situation and the scenarios that she finds herself in are hilarious. The other characters in the book are easy to relate to - we have all met them, I am sure, in our lives! Even her car has a mind of it's own! I struggled to keep my giggles in while reading this book on my commute! Definitely would recommend!


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