Review of "Cape Cod Promises" by Bella Andre and Melissa Foster

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Sometimes two people are just meant to be together and if it doesn't work out the first time, maybe it will the next! This seems to be the case for Trent and Reese although there are many questions to be asked of each other as to why ten years have gone by without discussion?  This is a warm, romantic and very sexy story about a couple and their extended family and is set in a beautiful location that the writers' bring alive for their readers.

For the young Reese, moving to New York with her new husband was the wrong thing to do.  More comfortable on the island than in the big city, Reese felt lost and alone while her husband was chasing his ambitions and trying to make his family proud. Her inability to fit in and to try and hide her feelings from Trent resulted in early divorce and a return home for Reese while her husband carried on alone for ten years without ever fighting for her. The hurt for them both was deep and when Trent returns to take on the family business, old emotions and lust are reignited but can they make a go of it this time around?  Can there be forgiveness?

Some surprising intervention from Trent's workaholic Grandfather helps Trent to see just where he may have gone wrong in his marriage. In the meantime Reese receives some advice from her mother about "wiggle room" which not only helps Reece but takes her mother's marriage to a new level when she acts on her own advice.

With winter fast approaching, this is one of those books that goes down very well with pyjamas , hot chocolate (or wine!) in front of a nice warm fire on those dark evenings!  Happy reading!

Melissa Foster                Bella Andre


  1. It sounds like you had some happy reading--thank you for your wonderful review! So glad you enjoyed it. Hope you have a great week XOXO


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