Review of "Pandora's Prophecy" by Julie Ryan.

Those of you who may have read my reviews before will know that I give very little of the storyline away and this one is no exception.  However, I only review books that I have enjoyed and I loved this one, firstly being drawn by it's location and then once I started reading, enjoying the suspense and the characters involved!

"Pandora's Prophecy" is a fast paced adventure set in Greece and involves an assortment of events that revolve around the mysterious "Pandora" who influences the other characters at various points in the story. As in the myth about Pandora, there is a box to be opened but in this case it is full of good, not evil! This book combines the mood and flavour of Greece with several mysteries that need to be resolved. In true Greek tradition, there is tragedy with a healthy addition of romance and complicated relationships. Friendship, love, marriage and death are experienced in this story; from the perspective of a recently separated woman , Ruth, who takes a holiday on the island with her friend, to a questionably happy married couple who are holidaying with their children.  A  Greek murder-mystery writer, wealthy local young men, a psychopathic nurse,  policemen, a young girl searching for her father, and, a ghost, all add to the colourful characters whose lives become accidentally intertwined in the solving of their own personal mysteries.  The characters become endangered when it is evident that a serial killer is active on this usually peaceful island and is somehow managing to keep one step ahead of the police as they attempt to outwit him.

As I have discovered before with Julie Ryan novels, the number of characters and storylines ensconced in one book keep one alert and thinking, and it is always exciting to discover how they all link together in the end. I was disappointed to get to the end of this story as I had quite lost myself in Greece and didn't really want to come home, however, I was left with a yearning to get in the kitchen and bake some bread to cheer myself up!  If you are wondering why that is then I suggest that you get the book and read it!!



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