A Review of "Resolutions" by Teri Riggs

"Resolutions" – by Teri Riggs

Not for the faint hearted, "Resolutions" is a gritty and dramatic story about the IDEA’s battle with a Colombian drug lord and his cronies who have decided to take their usual cocaine business in a new direction – International Terrorism. It is up to Eve Taylor, and her associates to steal the vital information needed to incriminate the twisted cartel leader. 

Things go wrong for Eve and she is captured and subjected to the evil abuse of Mendoza and his rather less than intelligent henchmen. The operative sent in to rescue her raises many emotions for Eve, as she and Mac have history and unresolved matters of the heart.  It seems that their passion for their work and each other has not waned since they last met although some of their earlier issues remain to be addressed. Can these be resolved? Can Mac swallow his alpha-male pride?  Their adventures lead them through the Colombian jungles and back to where Eve’s operation began, with the additional complication of a traitor, somewhere in their midst, who is determined not to make life easy for the pair who seem unable to come out of this situation unscarred, literally!

This story plays out like a movie in the head of the reader and is a good mix of strong characters, intensity, steaminess, bloodshed and comradeship. A good read and leaves one wondering if we will hear more from these characters. 


  1. Andrea,
    Thanks for the awesome review! I'm glad you enjoyed Resolutions.

  2. Thanks for taking part in the promo blitz Andrea. Great review. x

  3. Another one! WOW! Resolutions is obviously a must-read. Well done, Teri! Thanks for sharing you fab review, Andrea! :)


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