Too many issues!

I haven't blogged in ages which extremely slack of me. However there are that many issues going on right now not sure which ones to deal with!
Home life - am still battling to get my son on a fair level of DLA. For some reason, the government in its' wisdom has decided that a young lad with Autism who needs support for just about everything in the real world, including cleaning his flat, going to the bank to get a statement, taking two buses to attend kick boxing sessions, shopping and cooking and trying to find a job in a market not sympathetic to someone who needs everything explaining slowly to them is less worthy of support than someone with a physical injury, not helped by lack of exercise, but who could work if the job did not involve too much physical activity. Support not required for everyday things. My son has to pay rent, £30.00 a week out of his combined low rate DLA and incap benefit. Also has to pay bus fares for the support person taking him places. Other person doesn't but gets top rate DLA. Hmmph!!!
Work Life - Work is OK and glad to have a job but would really like to take on another challenge but have no idea what just yet.
Politics - Just about everything ticking me off. Thought carefully and deeply about how grateful I should be to Mr. Pickles whose priority seems to be giving me a weekly bin collection at great cost to the tax payer for now and the councils further down the road. I thought and have to ask -  Isn't this a step backwards?? We have learnt to recycle better therefore managing our waste levels better and there is always the tip if something fails. Yes, we are lucky and have decent sized blue, black and brown bins unlike some areas who have tiny little boxes. In Canada, years ago, we had blue bags and brown bags for plastics and cardboard - bigger than boxes so could be one option. Use some of the money to upgrade containers for areas with small boxes for recycling but for goodness sake, there are better ways to spend money than backing up on a decision that many people have got used to now.
Neighbours - Driving me nuts. Nuff said!
Have been really grateful for the weather this past week though it looks to be over now. Did enjoy it while it lasted.
Am also looking forward to our 5th Wedding Anniversary this week!! Been together 7 years and married 5, how time flies! :):)
Have also hooked up on Skype with a great friend from my childhood days in Malawi!  It is lovely to reconnect and also find that members of her family are living close by! :)
Well thats it for now. Will ponder another blog that has some direction this week. Still, got some stuff off my chest :):)


  1. It's good to get things off your chest now and again. I always feel better after a rant. I hear you on D having to Pay out so much on low DLA. It irritates me hugely that mental health is seen as less severe than physical when can be much much worse.

  2. Thanks! Glad to see it's not just me that feels that way. It is sad that that we actually have to even compare types of disability and think that some are treated better than others. All I want is that the whole picture is looked at - type of disability, daily effects of such disability and the prognosis for life looking at independent living, mobility, likelihood of employment etc etc. :)

  3. There's always something where special needs support is concerned, and it's usually surrounding money issues. We have a useless government who couldn't give a damn about people with issues and they make claiming these vital entitlements virtually impossible. Whereas Joe Bloggs who hasn't done a days work in his life, smokes, drinks, runs a car, goes abroad for holidays, has 4 kids, 4 plasma tvs and a house full of sky hd boxes, gets every benefit known to man.

    CJ xx


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