Save the Children

After watching the interview on Daybreak a while ago  with Christine Mosler, Tracey Cheetham and Lindsay Atkin, in which they discussed the importance of all countries contributing to the funding of vaccines for the underprivileged in overseas countries, I was reminded of why I have the utmost respect for the Save the Children's organization.
My first job was working for a Travel Agency in Malawi and the Save the Children representatives used to come in regularly to reconfirm or alter their flights around Africa and back to the UK. One day, a gentleman from Save the Children came in who had a problem getting flights to Lesotho and needed to be there for an emergency situation. Someone else had quoted him an enormous amount of money to alter his ticket and had not been able to even confirm flights for him. With the help of local and international airlines, I was able to get his flights rerouted, and actual seats on planes to Lesotho and back to the UK without costing him an additional penny.
A few weeks later, my boss received a letter thanking me for helping out and adding that by not needing to charge any more money for the flights, it meant that the money now saved could be used directly for helping communities. How nice of him to thank me and how comforting to know that every penny saved on overheads goes directly back to helping others and saving lives.
That was a very long time ago but that one letter gave me a lot of faith in an organization that does so much good for so many!


  1. Save the Children are remarkable. I have never before worked with people with such dedication and commitment above and way beyond the call of duty. They are people who care and it shines out of them! Thanks for all your support Andrea, you have been fantastic!

  2. Thank you Christine! That has always been the impression that I have had from those I have met working for them. You have done a brilliant job raising awareness of what it is really like in Africa! :)


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