Countdown Begins!!

Well, having just had my 49th birthday it suddenly occurred that the next one is the big 5-0!  I am way too young be be turning 50 so have decided on a definite makeover. I have a stone to lose in weight so have already started with that. The other biggy over the next year will be a new job/career. I like my job but after almost three years in it I am ready for a change. I would like something that I can put my 49 years of experience into and those experiences have been really varied!
I have lived in four countries, umpteen houses, lived in a caravan,  had loads of different jobs. Have had two children, one I haven't seen in 7 years and miss like crazy so a plan has to be made there. The other is doing pretty well despite his autism but its ongoing. A definite learning curve there!
Am sick of having not enough money to do what we want so need to earn more.
There are charities I want to be more active in supporting as well.
I have already started getting more opinionated as far as politics go and will now argue the point on things I don't like or agree with. If someone can prove I am wrong, thats OK. But, I will give it a go.
Have lots of research to do and decisions to make on the work front. All I know is that this time next year I want life to have improved in all aspects.
Well best get on with it.... will be filing a running commentary on this blog. Hopefully I won't bore anyone!


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