One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

I am feeling really frustrated today. It is the start of Learning Disabilities Week and I feel just as frustrated today as I did when I first found out that my son had a learning disability. It just doesn't go away. On one hand I am so happy with the progress he has made in 22 years but on the other I could scream when he does things that set him back and neither he or I know why he does them.

However, most of his issues stem from too much information in his head that has not been processed properly and that just leads to stagnation. It takes so much digging to find out the root cause we both end up with headaches.

In addition, it does not help when some of the confusion has been brought about by government "experts", put in a position to help him progress into work that have no concept of how an Autistic mind works. He has had two meetings with one such person and is no further ahead than before he saw them. And...they get paid for this type of service!

Now the process begins again of helping him get into his mind and sort out the important stuff and make sense of it; get rid of the irrelevant jumble of information that just clouds his thinking. It's a bit like an oil change that needs to be done on a regular basis, or, something like sorting out the recyclables from the general waste.

Once done all will be well for a while until the complications of trying to adjust to a world full of  red-tape, paper work and other such things that are difficult to explain raise their ugly heads again!


  1. I agree darling far to much red tape !! & not enough help at all - steps of soap box

    great blog sweety I look forward to reading more articles from you

    Love Shellybobbins xxxx

  2. Thanks Shelly!! :) Appreciate it :)


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