Can't get the staff!

Hi everyone!
Had a lovely trip to the hospital to check on the progress of my recent foot operation. Today I got to see a member of the surgical team that I had not met yet. She was not exactly the warm and fuzzy type and a smile was obviously not on the agenda for Wednesday mornings. We went through the rigmarole of removing bandages etc and keeping in mind that this lady had not seen me the week before, she informed me that the progress was "disappointing"! Well, she should have seen it the week before and she may have said the improvement was incredible!! She then told me that I could remove my sexy elastic anti - DVT stocking and that she would re-bandage with a light dressing. She told me that I had better make an appointment for the next week as there was no way I could start my rehabilitation yet. My husband was with me and we both left thinking that I had been spoken to like a naughty child!! Not once did this lady ask me about diet, the actual amount of activity I had done on my foot, nothing. I came home and stuck myself on Vitamin C supplements as it seems like a practical idea but at no time was anything suggested by the so called "professional". I have researched the operation and know that not everyone is ready to start wearing trainers two weeks after the operation but was led to believe that my progress should have been better!!

As a patient I have had that experience, but I only have to go and see the medical team for half an hour, once a week. I just feel so sorry for the patients in the hospital who are made to feel that way numerous times a day by hospital ward staff. A smile costs nothing and neither does giving a patient some encouraging words and advice. I could get up and walk (or should I say, limp) away but that poor elderly bed-ridden patient cannot.

That's my whinge for the day!


  1. On a positive note, have been again to the hospital and the assistant consultant I have seen has been lovely and helpful. Made me feel much better about myself and was ful of helpful info on how to get foot back to normal.


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