A brilliant idea!!

Having taken a look at the Face Cards products I have received from Dunedin Multimedia Ltd, I have to say I am very impressed. For Autistic Children and possibly those with different facial recognition difficulties, they are ideal, as the pictures are of “real” faces as opposed to the “happy face” type often used to demonstrate expressions. . The products have a variety of pictures that are gender and ethnically diverse and can be easily related to.
The charts and cards illustrate so many different facial expressions and the cards are easily portable in a plastic holder that can fit in pocket or bag.
Even better, the CD Rom once again illustrates expressions but has the added learning incentive of games! The four games allow the user to choose and guess expressions with “Find A Face” and “What Face” and to draw their own expressions with “Draw a Face” and, finally, to have a lot of fun with “Face Goo” which will definitely have everyone chuckling!
Also on the CD Rom is a section called “Eye Gaze”. This is a very innovative exercise for those who have difficulty maintaining eye contact and I believe to be really useful.
I would highly recommend the Face Cards Products for everyone working with people with problems recognising facial expressions.  They make a difficult subject a lot of fun. 


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