Chimps in captivity

Didn't think I would get back to blog so quickly but just read something that made me both sad and furious. A woman and some policemen were attacked by a chimpanzee that had been kept by a family in the US. Consequently the chimp died a horrific death. Apparently, according to the news feed, the animal was trained to wear clothes, drink out of glasses etc etc. When will people learn that we have come a long way since believing that chimps are very cute little creatures that drink tea, ride bikes and have picnics while wearing five year old's cast offs! They are a very intelligent, social and yes, naturally aggressive creatures that have no business being in people's homes. For better news about rehabilitating these poor mistreated animals have a look at the Monkey World website. Monkey World have done an amzing job of rescuing various apes and endangered species, providing them with as close to a natural existance as is possible for those too damaged to go back to the wild.


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